This course teaches students how to edit clean, crisp edited videos. Enrolling in this course boosts your video editing speed by developing your editing instincts. 

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Learn from the Best

Video Editing using Filmora GAURAV ROY

Mr. Gaurav brings 6+ years of teaching experience combined with mentorship of 3.5 Lakh students to this video editing course. He firmly believes that digital content is the key to success and video editing is thus one of his recipes to scaling big! With his knowledge from Harvard school, experience, and expertise, become a certified video editor at Skillarena!

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Installing Wondershare Filmora

    3. Introduction to Filmora Interface

    4. What is video editing

    5. Different Types of Video Editing

    6. What are Frames & How can we visualize them Practically?

    7. What are Video Footages & How to find Stock Videos ?

    8. Course Introduction ( Go and review all this course's instructions)

    1. The File Menu

    2. The Edit Menu

    3. The Tools Menu

    4. The View and Export Menus

    5. The Help Menu

    1. Cropping a Video in Filmora

    2. Adding Transitions to a Video

    3. Handling Audio Balancer in Filmora

    4. Importing Media Files

    5. Handling Tracks in Filmora

    6. Enabling and Disabling of Track Elements

    7. Concept of Layering in Tracks

    8. Working with Green Screen Videos

    9. Course Introduction ( Go and review all this course's instructions)

    1. Blurring image in a Video Scene

    2. How to Dissolve a Video Frame?

    3. Face Blurring Concept & Implementation

    4. Vertical Blurring of a Video

    5. Concept of Overlaying Videos in Filmora

    6. Handling Text Durations & Timings

    7. Reversing a Video

    8. Applying the Concept of Split Screen

    1. Learn How to Remove a Video in 2 Different Ways

    2. Detaching and Separating Audio Elements

    3. Attach Multiple Audio Tracks

    4. How to use Filmora's Audio Balancer ?

    5. How to Use Filmora's Audio Equalizer?

    6. Extracting Multiple Voice from One Single Audio Pitch

    1. Two Usages of Zoom-Level in Filmora

    2. Explanation of Timeline and Preview Windows

    3. Importance of Rendering on Professional Level

    4. Adding Multiple Videos and Images to Run Simultaneously

    5. Static and Dynamic Professional Zooming

    6. More Fun with Texts

About this course

  • 60 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

What You'll Learn

  • What is Video Editing?
  • Transitions
  • Categories and types
  • Effects and Elements
  • Practical projects

What this Course Includes

  • 58 videos
  • Access on mobile, Laptop and TV
  • Lifetime access to videos anytime, anywhere
  • Certificate of completion


  • There are no technical requirements from our side.