The objective will be to understand the basics of python and catch on to the utility of python in today’s world. From Data expressions and operations to object-oriented programming in python, learn the ABCs in Python Programming.

Whether you have never programmed before or you  know basic syntax or you are looking for learning the advance features of Python , this course is for you.

Learn from the Best

Python Madhushi Verma

A python expert, Ms.Madhushi Verma has completed her Ph.D. from IIT (BHU) in computer science. Having more than 5 research papers published, Ms. Madhushi has 12 years of teaching experience. In addition to being a python awardee, Ms.Madhushi is on a mission to spread the knowledge about python to students. With all her knowledge and expertise, start your journey to becoming a certified Python expert with Skillarena!

What You'll Learn

  • Basic Concept of Python 
  • Python Numbers 
  • Python Types 
  • Strings 
  • Comparison Operators in Python 
  • Chaining Comparison Operators in Python with Logical Operators 
  • If Elseif and Else Statements in Python o For Loops in Python 
  • While Loops in Python 
  • Useful Operators in Python 
  • List Comprehensions in Python 
  • Methods and Functions 
  • Methods and the Python Documentation 
  • Introduction to Functions 
  • Basics of Python Functions 
  • Logic with Python Functions 
  • Tuple Unpacking with Python Functions 
  • Interactions between Python Functions 
  • Overview of Quick Function 
  • Objective Oriented Programming 

What this Course Includes

  • 74 videos
  • 9.3 hours of on-demand video
  • 45 Days of Learning Program 
  • 2 Quizzes and 1 final paper
  • 1 Real-Life Projects 
  • Access on mobile, Laptop, and TV
  • Lifetime access to videos anytime, anywhere
  • Certificate of completion by Skillarena 
  • Live Sessions
  • Internship Opportunities


  • Willingness to Learn and Explore

Course curriculum

    1. Intro Part 1

    2. Welcome to the Course

    3. Different types of Programming Languages

    4. 7 reasons why you should learn Python

    5. Course Instructions

    1. Fundamentals of Python

    2. Statements in Python Part-1

    3. Statements in Python Part -2

    4. Statements in Python Part -3

    5. Identifiers and Expressions Part - 1

    6. Identifiers and Expressions Part -2

    1. Different Categories of Data Types

    2. Data Types - Number and String

    3. Data Types - Tuple and List

    4. Data Types - Set and Dictionary

    5. Operators

    6. Logical Operators

    7. Bitwise Operators

    1. Boolean Expression and Relational Operators

    2. More about Relational Operators

    3. Membership Operators

    1. Understanding Control Structures and their Different Types

    2. Understanding Selection Control

    3. Hands on Experience with Logical Examples

    4. Understanding the IF -ELSE Statement

    5. Understanding NESTED - IF Statements

    6. Understanding ELIF Statements

    7. Practice Problem

    8. Iterative Control - While Statement ( Indefinite Loop)

    9. While Loop Practice Problems

    10. For Loop ( Definite Loop)

    11. For Loop - Predict the Outputs

    12. Practice Problem

    13. Nested Loop

    14. Infinite Loop and Loop Control Statements

    15. Course Instructions

    1. List and Operations Part 1

    2. List and Operations Part 2

    3. Tuple and Operations

    4. Practice Problem

    5. Iterating Over Lists

    6. Lists - Summary of all the Operations

About this course

  • ₹2,499.00
  • 81 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content