Become a true master of c programming language and confidently apply for solving real-life problems as a coder

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction of C

    2. What is C ? Creator of C programming

    3. Structure of a C Program

    4. Print a Hello Name Program

    5. Compiler Interpreter Translator Assembler

    1. Preprocessor Section

    2. #include Detailed

    3. #define in Details

    4. Comments in c

    5. Tokens in C

    6. Keywords

    7. Quiz - 1

    1. Identifiers

    2. Datatypes in C

    3. Variables and Constants

    4. Storage CLasses in C

    5. Operators in C

    6. Quiz - 2

    1. Conditional Statements , if Family and its types

    2. switch Break, continue goto

    3. Iteration/ Looping statements

    4. Arrays in C part 1

    5. Arrays part 2

    6. Array Part 3

    1. Functions Part1

    2. Function p2 - Call by Value and Ref

    3. Structure part 1

    4. Structure Part 2

    5. Pointers part 1

    6. Pointers part 2

    7. Unions in C

    8. File Handling

    9. Quiz - 3

    10. Feedback - Compulsory

About this course

  • ₹2,499.00
  • 34 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

Learn from the Best

Gaurav Roy

Mr. Gaurav brings 6+ years of teaching experience combined with the mentorship of 3.5 Lakh students to this C - Programming course. He believes that digital content is the key to success and C - Programming is thus one of his recipes for scaling big! With his knowledge from Harvard school, experience, and expertise become a certified C - Programming at Skillarena! Tech is the key to success and thus believes in imparting his particular knowledge.

What You'll Learn

1) Understand the fundamentals of the C programming language.

2) Create your first C application 

3) Understand variables and different data types

4) Understand the core language that most modern languages are based on.

5) Make yourself more marketable for entry-level programming positions

6) Learn one of the most popular, widely used languages in the world.

7) Learn how to write high-quality code.

8) Apply for real-time programming positions

What this Course Includes

  • 30 Lectures

  • Self-paced on-demand video

  • 45 Days of Learning Program 

  • 4 Quizzes 

  • 1 Real-Life Project with skill arena

  • Access on mobile, Laptop, and TV

  • Lifetime access to videos anytime, anywhere

  • Course completion on certificate powered by MSME Govt of India.

  • Live Sessions

  • Internship Opportunities


System Pre-requisites:-

8GB RAM Recommended

Windows 10 is recommended.

Browsers - Edge, Chrome.

At least 500 GB of Hard Disk would be the minimum requirement as the data sets you practice tend to be heavy.

Willingness to Learn and Explore